Contract Manufacturing

Our expertise has applications beyond our automotive partners. Defense vehicles and equipment, large commercial equipment, alternative energy manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers all can benefit from new thinking.

To find out more of our thinking or to speak with an Autodie specialist, please call 616-454-9361. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions, learn about your needs, and see how Autodie might help create new possibilities for you.

Beyond Die Making

Autodie is well suited for manufacturing projects beyond die making. We are a clear choice for those seeking a world-class manufacturing partner for large components no matter what industry you serve.

Commercial Transportation

Few have the knowledge and production capacity it takes to be a viable solution for commercial transportation dies. Autodie excels with a large-scale, state-of-the-art operation. We also have the unique knowledge necessary to diagnose and meet the challenges presented by cast iron and steel.

Wind Turnbine And Alternative Energy

The demand for renewable energy is unprecedented. The manufacturing base necessary to build these large components, however, has been drastically depleted. Autodie excels with the largest, most advanced operation in the U.S. We also have a growing knowledge base of the CAD geometries of current wind turbine components and solar power sheet metal stampings.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense industries are a natural partner for Autodie. With large-scale facilities, precision-engineered dies, and advanced reporting practices, our years of automotive expertise translate to solutions that matter to you.

Machine Tools

Often it is desirable to offload production machining to a partner who is reliable and uniquely capable. With superior technological innovation and technicians who are among the best in the industry, Autodie has become a clear choice for those seeking a world-class manufacturing partner.

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