About Us

Under new ownership, Autodie has invested millions in training, talent, and technology. As a financially secure, fully independent operation, our people, processes, and systems are poised to set new industry standards. We are advancing the future of engineering, manufacturing, and metal forming technology by continually pursuing new solutions for our partners.

We believe there can always be a tool that is better than the last; a process that can reduce costs and improve lead times; an innovation that can redefine industry practices. It’s what new thinking is all about.

Therefore, improving engineering and die manufacturing is constant at Autodie. The results are increased reliability and significant time and cost saving—advantages that apply to industries well beyond automotive. Defense vehicles and equipment, large commercial equipment, alternative energy, and machine tools all benefit from new thinking and the available onsite support of our expert technicians.



Our Management Team

Alan Whitted


Mary Nicholson

Vice President and COO


Charlie Murphy

Chief Financial Officer


Scott McCallum

Head of Engineering & Design


Linda Farrin

Head of Human Resources


Craig Ressell

Manufacturing Center Manager


Rodney Brouwer

Head of Project Management


Fred Longcore

Machining Center Manager


Rodney Dalton

World Class Manufacturing Lead

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