Autodie Quality Policy:

"Autodie conducts its operations in accordance with legal, regulatory and customer requirement; and routinely evaluates its operations with the commitment to improving the quality, cost and timing of our products.  Autodie ensures its employees, and others who act on our behalf, know and understand their roles and responsibilities in the importance of achieving conformance to customer requirements.  Autodie routinely evaluates its procedures and associated indicators to establish and implement the necessary actions to enhance customer satisfaction."

What does this mean to you?  Well, if you are a customer, or a prospective customer, it means you are dealing with an organization totally dedicated to the systematic elimination of all forms of waste and to the delivery of the highest possible quality tools designed to meet your exact specifications.  We understand your business as a stamper.  We understand that the tools we manufacture end up being your lifeblood.  How can we back this up?  Easy.  Next time you visit, ask your project manager to talk to you about our non-conformance record monitoring system.  Or maybe ask a project engineer to talk to you about the Autodie Design Standards Manual.  Or maybe even ask an hourly team leader in the machine department to talk to you about our programming and machining procedure manual.  All of these, examples of tools used to assure that you get the highest possible quality work product from our company.

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