Autodie Health and Safety Policy:

"The protection of employee and community health and safety is a value of the organization and is the responsibility of each employee.  Employees are responsible to conduct their activities in accordance with the safest possible work practices, including established company rules and procedures, and with a proactive approach toward accident, injury and illness prevention.  Additionally, employees are responsible for their own safety, as well as that of their co-workers, and managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety of the employees that report to them.   Autodie ensures its employees know and understand how to use the appropriate equipment, tools and procedures and have the requisite training to assist them in performing their jobs safely.  Autodie routinely evaluates its practices, procedures and management systems and implements the necessary actions to maintain and improve the safety and health of its employees."

Our commitment to this policy shall be readily communicated through the acronymically expressed motto PRESS:

·        Proactive approach to prevention of injury

·        Responsibility to comply with applicable legal and other requirements, and to

·        Educate and engage our employees in the establishment and continual improvement of

·        Systematic company rules and procedures to improve

·        Safety at Autodie and at home!

So again you may find yourself asking the question, "what does this mean to me?"  Well, that all depends on your perspective.  As an employee, or perspective employee, it means we value you above all else.  Our employees are our single greatest asset.  This applies whether they are a janitor, a plant laborer, a skilled technician, or a manager.  It is based on their knowledge and their skill that Autodie has remained a global leader in the metal forming industry for nearly four decades.  Minimally, we expect that an employee leave here at the end of the day in the same manner that they arrive.  We see accidents, near misses, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions the same way....  Waste of the worst kind.  Waste that not only may injure a member of our working family, but also waste that impacts our customers by the potential loss of one of our human assets.  How do you know this is a legitimate company sentiment?  Again, we say "easily."  Come visit Autodie if you haven't already done so.  You will see that it is among the cleanest and most well organized businesses of its kind in North America, and we strive to improve it everyday.  We do this not to impress our stakeholders, but to keep it an efficient, clutter-free environment where employees are naturally exposed to less risks, less hazards, and less potentially unsafe conditions. 

If your perspective is different and you are perhaps a customer, or a potential customer, you would see that this policy impacts you as well.  A workplace that is safe, clean, and efficient helps us deliver the highest possible quality work in the most cost effective and timely manner.  Come see for yourself!

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