Autodie Environmental & Energy Policy:

Autodie is committed to continual improvement in the prevention of pollution and energy performance, while complying with applicable legal requirements and other subscribed to obligations that relate to Autodie’s environmental aspects and energy uses or support associated community initiatives. 

Autodie is committed to ensure the availability of information and resources, within the scale and limits of the organization’s capacities, and supports the purchase and use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products to achieve established environmental and energy objectives and targets.  World Class Manufacturing strategies have been initiated and implemented to ensure that such objectives and targets are reviewed and evaluated regularly, with focus on planning for the design of sustainable environmental stewardship and energy performance improvement.

Our devotion to this policy is readily communicated through the acronym green SPACE:
· Support community green initiatives

· Promote environmental stewardship

· Accept responsibility to protect our natural resources

· Comply with environmental regulations and Autodie policies

· Expand operational improvements that reduce energy consumption

What does this mean?  It means that Autodie not only fulfills its legal obligations to protect the environment, but strives far beyond that.  We continually examine our operational processes to eliminate potential harmful impacts to the world in which we operate.  Whether you consider our re-lamping of our half-million square foot facility to more energy efficient lighting, to our new drinking water dispensing systems targeted to minimize consumption of one-time-use bottled water, or our switch to air-cooled air compressors to nearly eliminate process water from our plant and provide "free" heat in the winter, we take our environment commitments seriously. 

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