Die Engineering

Engineering leadership begins with the best and brightest minds in the business.

To this specialized knowledge and experience, Autodie adds state-of-the-art hardware, software, and network infrastructure. On hand are some of the most powerful systems available.

What many don’t realize is that our engineering services are available independently. With operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Salem, Ohio, you can bring our expertise in die simulation and die design to your next project.

Specializing in Engineering Large and Complex Dies


Autodie is well versed in the following areas of engineering:

  • Class A car exteriors: side panels, doors, hoods, roofs and fenders
  • All major Class B panels
  • Major reinforcements such as A, B, C and D pillars
  • Transfer and line dies
  • Sophisticated, multicomponent projects
  • Advanced high strength steel applications



Engineering Expertise

Every stage of the engineering process is open to innovation. Autodie combines the industry’s latest advances with our own proprietary knowledge. The results are new thinking and new ways to help our partners excel.

New thinking means new possibilities. It means searching for advances that impact your business in ways you may not have considered. Today, we’re partnering with clients at the earliest possible stages, and turning manufacturing constraints into useful, profitable solutions. No matter the industry, we’re always thinking of new engineering possibilities.


Feasibility analysis that can factor down to the minutest, infinitesimal detail is rare among die makers. By expertly deploying Finite Element Analysis software, Autodie can correctly simulate the physics of virtually any die system and provide accurate feedback. Our goal is to provide input that can inform part design and die specifications before costly investment in hard tooling is made.

Development and Simulation

The ability to identify complex forming problems during the early stages of tool development leads to reduced press tryouts, optimization loops and, ultimately, overall lead time. As the process evolves from virtual representation to physical product, Autodie achieves striking precision. Our goal is to achieve 100 percent predictable accuracy.


With advances in engineering and technology application come dramatic advances in die design. Now, precise, highly detailed virtual representations of the die finely mirror the physical product. The similarity is striking. The specificity of die design detail is unmatched.

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