Die Building

Lean Manufacturing

In utilizing lean manufacturing tools and philosophy, we are able to bring about sustainable improvements that increase productivity and reduce waste. For example, in the first year of incorporating lean practices, our lead times were reduced by 20 percent.

Customer-Centric Operations

The voice of the customer rings throughout our entire operation. It is clear from our rigorous standards and carefully maintained job flow. It’s evident in how effectively we control budgets. It can also be felt in our reporting systems that confirm we are delivering precisely what is needed, on time, every time.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to every project in the plant. These managers play an important role in helping to oversee job flow and communicating with our clients at every step of the way. Every person working on the job records detailed project notes daily. Change requests are highlighted in the system for all to see. All projects are reviewed and discussed weekly by a cross functional team of managers. And, we make all of this data accessible to our clients.
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