Corporate Responsibility

At Autodie, the concept of "corporate responsibility" just isn't a buzz word, nor is it some marketing-driven-catch-phrase that we throw around to impress our stakeholders... It is our way of operation!  We take our duty to our employees, our community, and the environment in which we operate very seriously.  We realize that we are blessed to be a part of an organization that has been a financial pillar in the Grand Rapids community for more than 40 years.  We remind ourselves regularly that our success not only benefits us, but our friends and neighbors as well due to the fact that Autodie spends more than $20,000,000 per year with our supplier-partners, many of which are co-located here in West Michigan.  We also remind ourselves that our physical footprint is a significant one, right in the middle of a renaissance zone of our beloved city and within a stones throw of its greatest natural resource, the Grand River.  To this end, we take great care in the operation of our business and conduct ourselves in a way that not only minimizes our impact on the world around us, but strives to improve it.

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